Digitally-Fuelled Operations

Leverage the power of your organisation's data to make better-informed decisions, faster.

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Reporting takes time and, in our experience, most organisations wish they had more time to dedicate to analysis of their own operations to spot areas of risk, potential improvement and to show progress towards the organisation's goals.

We work with you to plan, streamline and harvest your organisation's data, analyse it, and feed it back to you (and your clients) in digestible, meaningful ways so that you can address risks, plan improvements and improve your progress towards your organisation's end-goals.

Business Information as a Service

We are a turn-key business information provider.


Aggregate your business data from all of your cloud services to get a joined-up, live picture at any time.


Eliminate duplication and streamline your business processes by automating routine tasks.

Mobile Applications

Access your information on any device, from anywhere with an internet connection. No need to wait for face-to-face meetings.

Software Consultancy

We assist you in the planning and implementation of your software 'stack' to ensure that it suits your needs and desired way of working.

Custom Business Software

We can build you a custom business system to manage your operations and workflows, eliminating errors and minimising human effort.

Client Information Portals

We develop customised client portals so that you can provide the relevant information directly to your clients in a branded and secure environment.

Business Dashboarding

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Customised Feeds

Track the activity in your business, from corporate deadlines to project milestones, alerts, notifications and other unstructured management information.

Transactions & Events

Get granular transaction information (invoice payments, deposits received, significant sales made) pushed through live as it hits your systems.

Drill-Down Stakeholder Detail

Customised drill-down detail to provide further context, analysis or commentary for your stakeholders.

Approvals & Consents

Get signoff quickly from the relevant stakeholders by soliciting in-app (or on-site) approvals.

Solicit Internal / Client Approval

Solicit stakeholder approval of expenses, quotations, proposals, project variations and finalised drafting arrangements.

Client-Facing Portal

We provide you with a client-facing portal to push streamlined information directly to your clients' devices.


Your client can access the information you wish to share with them through their DFO web portal, alongside any other DFO-enabled suppliers they work with.

DFO Mobile App

Your client can access the information you wish to share with them through their DFO app, alongside any other DFO-enabled suppliers they work with.

White-Label (Enterpise Only)

The portal and mobile progressive web app are all provided in your colours and branding on your own sub-domain, and can be provided on a standalone basis so that only your information is visible.

Straightforward Pricing

With ROI built-in from day 1

Yearly2 months free
Internal dashboarding onlyInternal & Client dashboarding Internal & Client dashboarding for larger organisations
£450£4,500£1,000£10,000Get a QuoteGet a Quote
Unlimited Users
Website Analytics1 per entity
Social Media Analytics1 per entity
Legal Entities14get a quote
Additional Entities
Manual Entity-level event feeds
Custom entity-level event feeds1 per entity
Manual Push Notifications
Automated Push Notificationscoming sooncoming soon
Approvals & Consents
Custom Business Dashboards11 /entityget a quote
Extra Custom Dashboards (Setup)£750get a quote
Extra Custom Dashboards£75/mthget a quote
Project/Asset-Level Dashboardingget a quote
Number of Projects/Assets4get a quote
Extra Projects/Assets£75/mth
Client-Facing Information in DFO Apps
White-Label Progressive Web App
White-Label Mobile Appget a quote
Get StartedGet StartedGet StartedGet a QuoteGet a Quote


So what does it all mean?

What is "Business Information as a Service"?

BIAAS is the provision of your business information, by us, to you. You don't need to hire a Chief Technical Officer, study an MBA or spend time repeating and reiterating the same reports. We'll do all that for you, in a live, secure environment, accessible online 24/7.

What are the additional costs?

Our fees are for the provision of our own platform, together with the time to create and manage your bespoke solution. On top of those, you should factor in the cost of running your existing systems and, potentially, implementing new ones.

What about internal resource?

The goal of digital transformation is to lower your overall staff costs through the adoption of smart technology, all the while increasing the availability and accuracy of data available to you. While the setup phases of our interventions will require internal administrative resource, thereafter you can count on very little additional impact.

How do I sell this to my stakeholders?

A recently-onboarded client of ours sold it thus: We are taking on the equivalent cost of 12 months' salary for a (really good) PA to get set up. Thereafter, we are taking on the annual cost of less than an untrained apprentice to deliver accurate, timely, board-level information to us on an ongoing basis.

What's included with the Company plan?

You get 1 dashboard for your website analytics. We'll tell you all about the traffic you're getting, where it comes from, how long it spends on your site and what content it finds engaging. We'll do the same for your social media accounts if you wish. In addition to this, you will get one customised dashboard to consolidate and relay information from (say) your accounting system, an operations system, or another source of your choice. We'll work with you to define (and implement) what that dashboard will tell you. It'll then feed through your chosen key performance indicators for as long as you find it helpful.

What's included with the Group plan?

You'll get the same complimentary website and social media analytics for up to 4 separate entities/websites/accounts. We'll also provide you with a custom dashboard for each of up to 4 entities. With this plan, you can commission further dashboards, unlimited in number, to give you the KPI's and information you require. You also get access to our Client Portal, through which we can help you to deliver client-specific information and client-specific dashboards to your own end clients through our securely-accessed portal. There are no limits on clients, dashboards or assets/projects we can show.

What are Assets/Projects in your pricing?

In addition to entity-specific dashboards, timelines and notifications, our clients find it helpful to have project-level reporting as well. Understanding where an organisation is spending (or making) money and which elements of a project, portfolio or asset (say, a property, aircraft or yacht) are costing the most to run/generating the best returns allows for the streamlining and cost-management of those projects and assets.

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